Want a fat mind? Dig in!

Adele Aava
4 min readMay 1, 2022
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often when you get food poisoning, the first question the physician asks you is about the things you recently stuffed your face with. sometimes the medical diagnosis shows you are not even affected by any viral or bacterial infection, and all that is troubling you is lack of proper digestion.

In that case, it’s so easy to find yourself self-diagnosing as you report to the doctor:

“well, aaaah… not anything unusual I have had; just a coffee, milk and cereals, a fruit cocktail and some fruit yogurt sauce as topping for breakfast; some cheese sticks, gummies and a berry shake as snack, and…”

“what did you have for lunch?” asks the doctor.

“I planned to meet a friend at a Chinese restaurant, so, I had a hotpot and some Chinese herbal tea. I grabbed some cherry pie on the way back, too.”

“I don’t think we need to go any further than this.” says the doctor with a sardonic smile. “poor upset stomach!” she continues, “imagine all you had in less than ten hours all together in a bowl; what a hodgepodge! have some mercy on your guts buddy!”

personally, I would blush hot with embarrassment at such a situation, and maybe ponder over the good point she has made.

I always get amazed by how deeply interconnected seemingly irrelevant matters cooperate and what compound effects they leave on the unconscious. when we are treating our appetite with a mishmash of colorful food without bothering to consider how compatible they might be together and to our own current physical condition, we are also subliminally developing an indulgent taste for binge-watching/reading/viewing and scrolling for ever down social media and any other easily consumable stuff.

simply put, we become negligent consumers and make short-term choices whose pernicious influences we will face in the long run.

years ago, I read an article on “how to develop a fat mind”.

long story short, it was about how you could get a mind stuffed with a lot of knowledge, just the way you put on fat; read and watch and listen to as much as you can. “ …being fat is not always a bad thing, only if you chose the right area for your intake…”.



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