Three things I would take to the moon with me.

Adele Aava
3 min readMay 1, 2022

Think of yours before going any further.

Asking what’s the point? Read on to find for yourself!

Drawing by Adele Aava

First of all if you are reading this, you must be some fun-loving fan of creativity who takes seemingly tiny things more seriously, since the creative eye always looks at the same thing as other people do, but sees things they don’t.

Moreover, you must be a happy person or one who has a joyful perspective towards life, or you would serve yourself more depressive stuff, which Medium alone is teeming with.

We have all been asked what we would take with us as exiles to another planet, or the moon. We played this ourselves in family games or watched others answer on TV shows. It might seem to be just a matter of fun and insignificant on the face of it; But truth is, you will find it much more philosophical in the end.

I asked a lot of people what they would take with them to the moon; Usually, their answer would be some multipurpose device such as ipad or smart phone, and they thought they were smart! That’s where the ordinary and the extraordinary part.

Think of yourself as an immigrant.

In the pre-immigration phase, you live with your parents in a fully furnished home. Then you come of age and leave the nest, yet you are still too young to afford a big place like that. So, you move to your own small studio and take the furniture you need with you.

A few years later, you gain admission to a university abroad, and you pack your things and leave to continue your education overseas; You have to pay for excess baggage, so you just pack things you really need.

Then you graduate, but the country where you did a degree is not your dream place to live; so you decide to take a step further and move to another continent. It’s a long flight with a few stops and you are not heading for trouble with the heavy loads. Therefore, you decide to take with you things you consider indispensable.

So far, you have already shed three layers of skin!

So fun already!

Now, you are in your dream country, living a fixed routine. It’s gradually getting monotonous there too, so you can’t wait to pack when…

Adele Aava

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