The stupid outlook keeping you from writing!

Adele Aava
4 min readMay 14, 2022

Are you a hoarder who collects things that might come in handy someday in the future?

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes you rarely use?

Is your pantry filled with grocery you don’t even know you have?

Do you buy skin masks or toiletries you never apply?

Do you have a full library of books and music you never read and listen to?

Are you rather a greedy accumulator than a voracious reader?

Ask yourself when you finally get the chance to wear those clothes you bought on the shopping date with friends, or put the stuff from your saggy bag into the expensive purse you thought you deserved to get in your latest visit to the brand center.

In her precious book The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron talks about the notion of the shadow artist. That which is born “ …caught between the dream of action and the fear of failure.”

The idea of the perfect, the practical and the real , prevailing over the imaginative, the ideal and the artistic; the educational standards looming large in the choices we make, even to our own inner “baby artist” is where the tragedy begins.

As a young girl aspiring to be a writer, I participated in various writing workshops; short story writing, play writing, outlining, etc.

From the first course onwards, I can say I almost knew everyone!

They were a coterie of amateurs whom you could find nearly everywhere around the desired art; any writer’s speech at any local club, any gathering for an artist’s birthday, any author’s commemoration ceremony, story telling, play reading…

The first to buy the newly released novel signed by the author themselves, the first to reserve the front row seat to watch the latest theatrical performance, the first to enroll in the upcoming workshop by the same teacher writer…

And they were so many you could not count! Some was the retired bank accountant, the other the school teacher of literature in her fifties, the other doing a doctorate degree on helping dyslexic children, one the young…



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