My five-year-old conception of feminism;

Adele Aava
2 min readMay 11, 2022
Drawing by 5-year-old Adele

What is the word a middle-aged gentle man of sturdy build falling off a high-rise building shout? Obviously, Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!

But, why do you think he does so? Why does he not call anyone else? If you ask my Mom, she would probably say: “well, because Mom is the kindest one known to him”. In my Mom’s case, I agree. She is very kind, because she has always worked hard enough to prove so.

When she was a child, Mom says, she kindly stayed home and helped her mother cook and waited kindly for her brothers to come back from school. By the time her brothers graduated from university, she had kindly married Dad who was a farmer.

She kindly bore as many babies as she could, who were kindly nursed and cared for by her. Every day, she got up early, kindly made breakfast and woke us all up kindly to have the meal together. She then kindly tidied away and went kindly to help Dad with the farm work. She kindly came home an hour ahead of Dad and kindly prepared lunch before he was home.

Dad had always appreciated her kindness. She kindly washed the dishes while Dad lay supine on the sofa and watched her quite affectionately.

In the afternoon, after she had kindly finished her chores, she kindly helped us with school work and kindly prepared the evening meal. She was kind enough to give the best portion of the food to Dad and to us and save herself the humble part. After she had kindly put everything away, came the time to go to bed, which she did in her typical kind manner.

She was so kind to us and tried kindly to raise polite and respectful children. If we failed to listen to her, she would kindly ask Dad to teach us our lesson. She also kindly told us to respect Dad.

Dad, of course, WAS a respectable character at home. He had always been my hero. He was so determined, opinionated, and charismatic. When he said one should do something, he meant it. He was also not weak as Mom was, but quite brawny, with muscles prominently noticeable. Mom and us were all proud of him. By the way, is there a synonym for the word kind?

comment any synonym suggestions of yours.




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