I was the kid who blurted the emperor was wearing nothing!

Adele Aava
5 min readApr 28, 2022

by Adele Aava

image from Mondaybrew.blog

There is always somebody who knows you better than you do!

There is always someone who knows how to do everything from birth.

And guess what? There are hundreds of thousands of those somebodies and you probably won’t still be done reading their how-tos when they are putting you into grave.

When did all this become a trend?

When did we all become the niche market for the bloggers’ unsubstantiated claims to make us powerful happy people flourishing to our fullest potential, when they, themselves, need our thumbs-up to pay their bills?

Where did all fans of art and literature learn they needed so many workshops, YouTube videos and Instagram instructions before they finally start DOING what they like?

Is it really what we need? To go on reading other people’s opinions on how to do something about what we know is our innate talent?

Well; let me share MY experience on this.

Ever since I was a little kid, I really really really wanted to devote myself to literature. This dream of mine had its roots in my dad being an amateur poet, a member of the local poetry club and a casual fan of the classics. He had me recite pieces of poetry he…



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